Let's remodel! 5 man cave must-haves

Every man needs a getaway in his own home. The relaxed, comfortable atmosphere of a man cave is usually...

Every man needs a getaway in his own home. The relaxed, comfortable atmosphere of a man cave is usually embellished with electronics and techie gadgets. Get ready to remodel your personal space with all those high-tech holiday and birthday gifts you've collected throughout the year.

1. Big screen television: This is the centerpiece of any great men's den. Whether you go with a flat screen anchored to the wall, or a tabletop TV, you can't go wrong as long as the screen is big enough to see the details of Monday night football from across the room.

2. Surround sound system: Now, take your television to the next level by adding a surround sound system. If you want to feel like you're at the game, not simply watching it, this is a must-have. Place the speakers in the four corners of the room to flood the man cave with sound.

3. Gaming consoles: When football season dies down, it's time to get your game on. From Xbox 360 to PlayStation and the Wii, you've got options. Just make sure you're stocked with a variety of games: draft your own football team, be a soldier or go retro with an old school Super Mario Bros. game.

4. Oversized furniture: While indulging in the big screen television and surround sound, stay comfy. Recliners, puffy-cushioned couches and lots of pillows are mandatory for keeping the man cave relaxed and inviting. Toss in a few refinished coffee tables, and you're good to go!

5. Stadium seating: If your cave is smaller than you'd like, use your space wisely. Have an Atlanta-area contractor come in and build a platform along one wall to accommodate stadium style seating. Place a couch on the elevated area, and another in front of it to create two rows of seating instantly!

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