Looking for interior paint colors? These are the 2013 interior painting trends

Exploring the indoor painting trends for 2013 is the perfect cure for the winter doldrums. The temperature...

Exploring the indoor painting trends for 2013 is the perfect cure for the winter doldrums. The temperature is colder, daylight hours are shorter and you're spending more time indoors; however, you can put that time to good use by redecorating your home's interior. These beautiful and exciting paint colors will pique your curiosity, appeal to your sense of style and inspire the decorator in you.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore's indoor color trends for 2013 include four distinct color styles.

The Artisan collection features earthy tones and rich, saturated colors such as Pittsfield Buff, a rich beige/cream color. Silhouette is a sultry gray with red undertones, while Monterey White is a creamy white. Sea Hazel is a mid-toned neutral, and Satchel is a rich brown color with yellow undertones.

The Urbanite collection highlights cool colors and contrasting elements that are cosmopolitan and chic. Marblehead Gold is an elegant shade of yellow, while Moonlight White is a creamy hue of white. Camouflage is a bold beige, while Sparrow combines browns, beiges and greens. Polo Blue provides a classic navy contrast.

The New Traditional collection features bold colors and lively patterns that update the classic elegance look. Dusty Mauve is a romantic coral color, while Seapearl is a serene off white. Rocky Road is a rich beige color, and Golden Straw is a deep, golden yellow. Evening Dove is a rich, navy contrasting color.

The Coastal collection combines elements of sand, the sea, and the sky to create a calming yet sophisticated color scheme. Tranquility has a light green hue, while Van Courtland Blue is a lush blue-grey color. Lemon Sorbet has a pale yellow tint, and Stratton Blue combines hues of blue and green. Simply White is a crisp, clean shade of white.


The Classic Caprice collection is a formal look of timeless sophistication. Daah-ling is a deep magenta color, while Empire Porcelain is a sophisticated white. Black Lacquer is shiny and elegant, and Golden Age is a warm, dark taupe. Belladonna is reminiscent of classic blue willow china.

The Color Metric collection uses color blocking, a scheme that is popular in the fashion industry. Twilight has a grayish-blue tint, while Tan-gent is a honey brown color. Matrix is a deep khaki, Electrify is a brilliant blue and Plum Orbit is an eggplant color.

The Apres Ski collection is cozy and woodsy. Pine Cone Pass is a fresh forest green color, while Timber Town is a woodland taupe. Gnome Green has warm green hues, and Folk Song is a mineral turquoise color. Ski Patrol is a deep, berry red.

The Sweet Jazz collection has a retro art deco theme that includes soft pastels. Bee's Knees is an ethereal pink color, and Jazzy Jade is a cool mint. Heavy Sugar is a bright white, while Shanghai Peach is a rich salmon color. Flapper Dance is a deep navy blue that provides contrast.

If you're inspired to start using these luscious paint colors, contact an Atlanta-area painter for professional advice.

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