Master bathrooms: 10 Ideas to create your personal spa room

Make your master bath an oasis. After a long day, curl up in a tub made for two or relax in your own...

Make your master bath an oasis. After a long day, curl up in a tub made for two or relax in your own personal sauna. Dare to dream! Here are a few upgrades to add to your to-do list for master bathrooms.

1. Luxurious soaking tub
With so many styles of bathtubs on the market, you don't have to settle for the standard model that came with your home. Opt for an ornate claw-foot tub with a deep depth for soaking. Or, invest in a spa tub with jets and a water-heating system to keep the bath perpetually warmed at a specific temperature. Then, choose a shape and size that fit your space. A round tub with seats is perfect for long soaks with a good book. Or, outfit the master bath with a romantic square tub that can accommodate two.

2. Soft lighting
Lighting sets the mood of a room. Instead of flipping a switch for boring overhead lighting, have an electrician create a dimmer switch and install fixtures that allow you to choose the amount of light in the room. Or, add wall sconces. These small wall-mounted lamps blend well with a traditional Southern plantation home and add elegance to the master bath.

3. Monogrammed towels and robes
Nothing says spa like luxurious, thick robes. You know the extra soft ones that feel like they've been laundered in an entire bottle of fabric softener? Splurge on one of those for each member of the family. For the complete spa experience, have the robes monogrammed. Then, prominently hang the robes on hooks near the shower or bath so they're easy to reach. Want to earn extra praise in your household? Buy matching slippers.

4. Ornate mirrors
Upgrade your mirror. If you're still making due with a classic cupboard-style mirror above the sink, it's time for a new look. Consider a framed mirror that resembles an old Victorian painting. Since many master bathrooms double as both bathing and get-ready rooms, have a full-length mirror placed in the dressing portion of the room. Mirrors can also be placed in adjoining closet areas to make the room appear larger and brighter.

5. Fresh flowers
For a small cost, fresh flowers always brighten a room. Get into the habit of placing a fresh bouquet in the bathroom. An arrangement of carnations or mums placed on a dressing table or vanity will stay perky for at least a week and add a splash of color to your master bath. When the holidays roll around, choose seasonal bouquets for variety. Just remember to save a few flower petals for your next bubble bath.

6. Aromatherapy
Another way to feel like you're at a spa in your own home is through scent. Purchase diffusing reeds and scented oils to create a calming atmosphere. Choose vanilla to spark romance or lavender to relax. Other scents perfect for a bathroom include gardenia, rose or lilac.

7. Personal sauna
If you're in the market for a major bathroom remodel, go all out and have a personal sauna installed. This small steam room is the perfect way to leave the stress of the city behind and relax your muscles. Make sure the sauna is large enough to stretch out in. A sauna option can also be added to several models of high-end showers if space is a concern.

8. Miniature refrigerator
Who doesn't love a cold beverage while soaking in the bathtub? Keep icy drinks at arms-length by having a contractor install a small refrigerator or wine chiller in the wall. This handy bathroom accessory can keep drinks cold and ready, whether you have bottled water, beer, wine or soda.

9. Add candles
Amp up the relaxation factor with candles. Whether you go with flameless electric candles or an environmentally friendly beeswax variety, the dim light is sure to melt your day-to-day stress away. Place candles along the edge of a bathtub, near the sink, next to mirrors and in window sills. Choose several candle sizes. Round three-wick candles are perfect for everyday use while a cluster of candles in various heights and widths set a romantic mood.

10. Heated flooring
If you want your bathroom to exceed the luxury of most spas, have a heated tile floor installed. Each time you step out of the shower, your toes are greeted with a warm surface. There's no more morning chill in a bathroom with heat radiating from the floor.

Give an Atlanta-area contractor a call today to make your master bathroom remodel a reality!

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