Metal roofing colors: What you need to know

Your asphalt shingles are long gone, and clay tiles are not an option. You're going with an ultra-durable,...

Your asphalt shingles are long gone, and clay tiles are not an option. You're going with an ultra-durable, very trendy, steel panel roof--great choice, by the way! The only thing you've got to do now is pick out a color for your steel panels. No problem--here are a few things you should consider before settling on a metal roofing color.

Metal paint: A few notes

All paints are not created equally! The high-gloss enamel finish you used last year to paint your kid's room will not work on your new metal roof. You'll want to look at acrylic blends for your latest project, preferably one that is shower-proof. This refers to the paint's ability to withstand wet weather. The paint was designed specifically for metal application. Shower-proof paints do not require a primer and can be directly applied to your metal roof or siding.


Despite its specialized design, shower-proof paint can still be applied using traditional means. It's important that you only apply the paint when temperatures are between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Painting above or below these temperatures can cause adhesion and flexibility issues with your paint. Do not paint if there is a chance of rain within your drying time. Never paint over condensation! Roll-on or spray-on applicators are fine to use; the paint usually dries in about an hour.

Color choice

With shower-proof paint, unfortunately, color choices are somewhat limited. You can always go with a paint not specifically designed for metal use to increase your color selection, but you risk losing the added protection. If you do decide to go with shower-proof, you'll have about seven choices:

  • Patina green
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Tinner's green
  • Red
  • White

Never apply any paint you've bought in-store or online without testing it! The colors online and in-store can differ widely from your final color. You should choose your metal roofing colors based on your specific needs, energy costs, maintenance requirements, etc. Take a moment to explore Kudzu and find the metal roofing colors, paint brand or roofing contractor that's right for you!

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