Mold in your home: Is it making you sick?

When you catch a cold, get the flu, suffer from a headache or have trouble breathing, you probably blame...

When you catch a cold, get the flu, suffer from a headache or have trouble breathing, you probably blame germs and illness, not your home. But your house could be a catalyst for frequent illness if you're not careful. If you have specific symptoms and are frequently ill, you should consider getting a mold inspection throughout your home.

Signs of mold-induced illness

Mold can cause a variety of symptoms in different people. If you already have asthma or breathing difficulties, it can cause your symptoms to flare up or become worse. Other people may experience frequent headaches, swelling of the sinuses, nausea and even muscle and joint pain. Determine if your symptoms are frequent and occur most commonly when you're at home. Infected people may be misdiagnosed with ailments such as a sinus infection or chronic fatigue syndrome.

How it affects your health

The type of spores most likely to affect your health are known as toxigenic molds. They're toxic for human inhalation and can produce a bevy of symptoms if you're exposed to them. They contain mycotoxins, which can suppress your immune system and make you more susceptible to illness, while also being toxic to the human body.

What should you do?

Mold can be removed from your home fairly easily. It's usually the result of wet or rotting materials, which can be replaced. First, you'll have to call an Atlanta-area professional for an inspection and removal estimate. Don't try to remove it yourself. While it might take a bite out of your home budget, it's worth it to hire a pro to keep you and your home healthy and safe.

If you suspect mold is making you or your family ill, consult your Atlanta-area physician to get your health back on track.

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