Mosquito control in Atlanta

Mosquitos can quickly bring an end to fun outdoor activities such as cooking out, picnicking and gardening....

Mosquitos can quickly bring an end to fun outdoor activities such as cooking out, picnicking and gardening. Not only will mosquito bites leave your family itching and miserable, but they can also potentially expose your loved ones to West Nile virus and other mosquito-born diseases. Even your pets are at risk, as mosquitos are known to spread heartworms. If mosquitos are a problem in your yard, it's probably time to call in a professional and begin some mosquito control measures to protect your family.

Mosquito breeding

Most Georgia pest control companies will begin by inspecting your yard and the area surrounding your yard. Mosquitos breed in standing, stagnant water. Your service provider will look for problem areas, including the following: gutters that are clogged or not draining properly, ponds, bird baths and areas with puddles or poor run-off. If these areas exist, larvacide is available to prevent mosquito larvae from maturing into the adult stage. Larvacide is typically a bacterium that is added to the water that kills the mosquito larvae, but has no effect on other insects, fish, birds or pets that may come in contact with the treated water.

Mosquito misting systems

If the larvae problem isn't in your own yard, but the adult mosquitos are present and biting, your Atlanta landscapers may suggest a mosquito misting system. These automated systems release a fine mist of natural, fast-acting insecticides into the air. The spray is effective against mosquitos and other biting insects but will not harm your children, pets or wildlife.

Choosing a mosquito control company

When choosing a pest control or landscaping company in Atlanta, be sure to get all promises in writing. Controlling mosquitos is a challenging task, and your family's health is at stake. Most reputable service providers will offer a written guarantee so that you can relax and enjoy your mosquito-free yard this summer without the worry of the bugs coming back.

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