Neck and head pain help in Atlanta

Neck and head pain can hurt something awful. If you've ever had to experience either of them you can...

Neck and head pain can hurt something awful. If you've ever had to experience either of them you can attest to that fact. Neck pain can have a variety of causes, such as severe jerks to the head, strains to a muscle, injury from lifting, a pitched nerve and inflammation to the joints. Pains specific to the head include migraines, muscle tightness, menstrual periods, spinal headaches and stress. However, there are many other causes for neck and head pain as well.

Did you know that pain can originate from the neck and then move its way up to the head, or that the pain can start at the head and move down to the neck? Most times head and neck pain aren't all that serious. However, if you ever notice that pain or numbness is starting in your shoulder area or arms and the pain does not stop, call a doctor. A chiropractor can usually help you resolve your pain issues.

Below are other causes of neck and head pain.

Muscle strain: When you move too quickly or in an awkward position it can cause pain.

Bad posture: When people sit, walk and stand with bad posture it will cause stress on ligaments, joints and muscles.

Cancer: If you have neck pain and pain in the back of your head and it doesn't stop, get it checked out with a doctor to make sure it's not a tumor.

Arthritis: It is important to keep a strong and healthy spine. When you have wear and tear in the spinal structure, it can cause neck pain. Also, you can experience intense pain when bone spurs put pressure on nerves and soft tissues.

Herniated disc: When a disc shifts from normal areas, it can cause irritation, sensitivity and pressure on the nerves.

Illness: Many different illnesses can cause head and neck pain. These include tuberculosis, meningitis and fibromyalgia, just to name a few.

Unfortunately, neck and head pain are interrelated at times, and it isn't fun having either of them. If you are experiencing continuous pain, go see a chiropractor in Atlanta. Allow them to help you find the root of the problem. Be sure to ask friends and family for the name of an honest and reputable chiropractor. Research the chiropractor online at Kudzu to make sure he or she has good customer reviews. Make sure the doctor's license is current and in good standing in Georgia. You do not have to continue to suffer in silence.

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