Nursery Ideas: Painting Your Baby's Room

When making a list of ideas for decorating your nursery, choosing a paint color will probably be at...

When making a list of ideas for decorating your nursery, choosing a paint color will probably be at the top of your list. The colors you choose will help set the tone and the theme for the rest of the room.

Tradition dictates a pink nursery for a girl and a blue one for a baby boy. But, feel free to mix it up! Choose colors that reflect your own personality or the decor of your home. Choose colors that will coordinate with a theme. Include cartoon or storybook characters. The combination of nursery ideas is endless!

Choosing paint

When thinking about ideas for your nursery, you want to think long-term about the style and colors. You don't want to repaint for at least six years. By that time your son or daughter will probably want to choose his or her own color scheme.

You also want to consider your furniture options. If you already have furniture, make sure your paint colors coordinate. If you don't, choose furniture that won't clash with the walls.

You have a variety of options when choosing paint for your baby's nursery. It's okay to use off-white and pastel colors to infuse softness into the room. If you are still partial to traditional pink or blue, use them. Opt for bold combinations, such as yellow and blue or light purple and pink. Stay away from dark colors like black or navy blue. Always choose happy, light, bright paint colors.

You can also choose more than one or two colors. For example, you can paint each wall a different color. You could also paint each wall a different shade of one color, like shades of brown or orange. Whatever you choose, make sure you choose colors that coordinate well together.

Althought you may want to choose multiple colors, don't go overboard. Too many colors will make the room look crowded and small. Keep your room as simple as possible.

Regardless of the color or colors you choose, make sure they match the ceiling. It's best to keep the nursery's ceiling white so you don't feel like you're in an enclosed box.

Painting in patterns

Walls painted one color are simple and beautiful. But if you want something a little more vibrant, create patterns using your paint colors. Vertical stripes are a popular option for nurseries, but use your imagination. Paint the room a solid yellow color, then paint colorful stars, rainbows or balloons on the walls. Incorporate big circles or squares on the walls using multiple colors like purple, green, maroon or light gray.

If you're interested in personalizing the nursery, paint the walls whatever color you like, then stencil your baby's name on the walls. Depending on your child, he or she may want to keep his or her name on the wall as they grow older.

Theme and mural painting

For ideas that truly give a wow factor to your nursery, consider murals or themed painting. The size and shape of the mural can vary depending on how large or small you want it. For example, it can cover a portion of a wall, an entire wall or the entire nursery. You can use wallpaper, but it doesn't offer the same brilliant effect as a painted mural.

Another choice is themed painting, such as a jungle theme for boys or a princess theme for girls. If you want a neutral-themed room, paint clouds, animals or oceans on the walls.

No matter what you choose, make sure to stick to one theme or one main mural. You don't want your room to look to crowded or messy.

It's understandable that not everyone in Atlanta has an artistic gene. There are professional painters in the city who can paint your nursery using murals, themes or different colors. Talk with the painter about the colors you've chosen and how you want the nursery to look. Then you can cross painting off your list of nursery tasks to complete.

However, if you're interested in painting the nursery yourself, remember to prepare the room before you paint. Use spackle to cover any holes or cracks in the walls. Sand the walls to create an even, smooth surface. Apply masking tape along the ceiling and moldings before painting. You want clean, straight lines and not stray paint marks on the moldings or ceiling. Use a drop cloth to protect the floor from drips.

Whether you do the job yourself or hire a professional, remember to have fun with your paint nursery ideas. Create a warm, welcoming room that both you and your child will enjoy.

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