Painting rush for home decor: Secret tips for realistic foliage

When decorating your home, you may think of buying artificial plants and rush to make your home look...

When decorating your home, you may think of buying artificial plants and rush to make your home look more naturalized and homey. However, many types of artificial rush look very fake, causing your home to seems more chintzy than homey. One solution is to paint your own rush or buy professionally painted rush from an interior designer or decorator in the Atlanta area.

Painting rush may seem complicated, but it is easy if you use colors found on real rush in the wild. Instead of painting the rush using solid, bright colors, choose more muted, natural tones and layer the paint to look more realistic. Dab paint on to artificial rush using paintbrushes and acrylic paint, or use spray paint or airbrush paint to layer and blend the colors together to create rush that seems as though it was cut right out of the wetlands.
You can find the supplies you need in order to paint rush, including artificial rush stalks, from any art supply store in Georgia.

If you do not feel confident in your ability to paint rush by yourself, hire a pro to do it. Many interior designers and decorators also offer services painting rush and other artificial foliage by hand. This hand-painted rush may seem more pricey than fake plants found in a department or home decorating store, but it will look much more realistic and will give your home a more naturalized appearance. Having the natural-looking rush in your home can feel worth it, especially if you have the money to hire a pro.

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