Permanent makeup: Innovative services to look fabulous all of the time

If you apply makeup every day, then you understand how tedious and tiresome it can become to reapply...

If you apply makeup every day, then you understand how tedious and tiresome it can become to reapply makeup day in and day out. With permanent makeup, you can wake up in the morning to see your makeup as beautiful as when you first applied it. This can also eliminate the need to buy more makeup!

Atlanta-based dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons apply permanent makeup using special tools and materials that enable you to look fresh and put together all of the time.You can have just about any makeup applied permanently, including eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, lip liner, eye shadow and even foundation. With each type of makeup, applications can vary from office to office, so make sure to ask a Georgia dermatologist how the permanent makeup is applied and whether you will need to have any follow-up treatments or procedures in order to maintain your look.

If you want to have permanent mascara, you can either have artificially thicker, darker lashes attached to your natural lashes, or you can have your natural lashes dyed to appear darker on their own. Lipstick, lip liner and eyeliner often require a procedure similar to tattooing, which permanently injects ink underneath the skin that will not fade.

Make sure to really consider whether you want to have permanent makeup for the rest of your life, because it is a permanent procedure. If you do not like how the makeup looks, then you can no longer just remove it using standard makeup remover or cold cream.

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