Plan for house plans to change

If you've got house plans, the reality can be different from your fantasy. While remodeling your Atlanta...

If you've got house plans, the reality can be different from your fantasy. While remodeling your Atlanta home is definitely worth it in the end, just be aware that as the homeowner, it helps to be flexible and go with the flow. That's because sometimes there are bumps in the road to that bathroom or kitchen remodel you've always dreamed of.

Price: Work within your range

The first aspect of the remodel that may require your flexibility is the price. If you get an estimate that is significantly higher than you'd expected, be sure to ask questions. Why is the cost so high? Are there any areas in which you could cut down on cost? Would a different design be less expensive? It also helps to provide your budget and see if the contractor can work within that range. You would be wise to get at least two estimates. But beware of a contractor who quotes you a very low rate. You'll want to get references for anyone you employ to execute your house plans, from the electrician to the plumber. Make sure they have a reputation for being on time and doing quality work.

Designing your space

You may have a very specific layout in mind, but your contractor will be able to tell you if it is realistic. Perhaps another design makes more sense given the current layout of your home. An older house may pose some issues that you couldn't have anticipated. Instead of freaking out over every little change or setback, be willing to listen to suggestions and accept advice. That being said, it is also important to stick to your guns when you have your heart set on a certain aspect of the project.

No remodel is problem free

The execution of every house plan will have setbacks, whether it's a paint spill or something major like an unforeseen plumbing issue. You can't fall apart when something doesn't go according to plan. Instead, work to solve the issue. Most importantly, try to keep things in perspective. A chipped tile is hardly a big deal when you consider some people have to repair their roofs after a dangerous storm causes damage.

Be sure to consult a local Atlanta professional to help turn your remodeling dreams into reality!

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