Preparing fall plants and lawns for the winter freeze

There's a chill in the evening air, the kids have picked out their Halloween costumes and...

There's a chill in the evening air, the kids have picked out their Halloween costumes and the yard is starting to turn brown and crunchy. Before winter sets in, spend some time this October preparing your fall plants, lawn, trees and shrubs for the cold Atlanta winter air.

For the lawn

Now is the time to seed your lawn to encourage new growth in the spring. Start by aerating and fertilizing the lawn. Next, add seed to the lawn to encourage dense growth and fill in patchy areas. Do this preferably just before rain is expected, or water the lawn to help embed the seed into the moistened soil.

For the garden

October is the time to supplement the dense Georgia clay soil. After clearing away any wilted plants that flourished during the summer, till in an organic compost mix blended with sand to aerate and nourish your soil for next year's garden. The sand assists with water drainage during the rainy fall.

For the flowers

Thankfully gardens in the south can sustain blooming flowers year-round. October is the time to remove any spent blooms from your fall plants to encourage another round of blooms in November. Also consider planting bulbs for spring blooms and hearty decorative kale or cabbage to add texture to your landscaping during the winter.

For the shrubs

Do not prune shrubs in October. If you forgot to do this summer task, leave the shrubs be or the newly cut ends may freeze during cold evenings. Wait until early spring and prune the shrubs before any flowering varieties begin to bud.

For the trees

Fall is a great time to add new trees to your landscape. Planting in October gives the roots time to dig deep into the soil before going dormant for the winter. When spring rolls around, the tree will enjoy a growth spurt.

For the patio

Don't forget to give your outdoor deck or patio a little attention this fall, too. On a warm afternoon, power-wash wooden structures and reseal the wood with a coating of linseed oil or waterproof stain. These treatments preserve the wood and brighten the appearance of the structure.

Need a little help getting your yard ready for winter? Give a landscaping company in Atlanta a call for a consultation.

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