Pro window cleaning makes homes sparkle

Removing dust and pollen from your window panes makes your house sparkle and days seem...

Removing dust and pollen from your window panes makes your house sparkle and days seem brighter. Although you might handle touch-ups on your windows yourself, this deep-cleaning is one task you shouldn't tackle on your own. Here are the main reasons why.

Safety, safety, safety

Just because you're good with a power washer or a bottle of window cleanser doesn't mean you have the same techniques as professional window washers. If you have a multistory home or live in a house with floor-to-ceiling windows, it's best to hire a window washer with the proper safety equipment, including lifts and scaffolding, to reach the windows.

No-streak shine

Let's face it: Window streaks happen. No matter how much you buff and wipe, it's tough to get a crystal-clear wash on your windows. Professional window washers use cleaning fluid and tools that guarantee a streak-free finish. You don't want to look out a second-story window at smudges and streaks all season, do you?

Save some time

Cleaning every window - inside and out - on your home takes hours. Depending on the size of your Atlanta abode, it might even take all weekend. Hiring a professional lets you tend to your usual tasks or enjoy the spring weather while the window cleaning gets done by someone else.

They've got tools

By the time you invest in commercial grade squeegees, an extending ladder and cleansers that won't ruin the finish on your windows, you're half way to paying a pro to do the job for you. Plus, you're investing in tools that you'll use only once or twice a year.

It gets done right

As a homeowner, you know DIY tasks don't always go as planned. They take twice as long as you expect, cost more than you hoped or don't look quite as good as if someone else did the job. There are countless ways that window cleaning can go wrong, including drips and streaks, cleanser residue and window damage. Professional window cleaners are trained to clean windows the right way.

Let professional window washers in Atlanta take care of your window cleaning this spring. You won't have to worry about falling from a ladder or trying to clean without the right tools, and your windows will look clean and bright.

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