Range hoods look great and keep your family healthy

You can help keep your family healthy by keeping indoor air pollution to a minimum, and you can do that...

You can help keep your family healthy by keeping indoor air pollution to a minimum, and you can do that by adding an appealing, functional range hood to your kitchen remodeling project. Grease splatters, airborne food particles, and fumes from burning food are among the main sources of indoor air pollution. Range hoods are useful because they fight indoor air pollution right at the source: your stove. And they can look pretty great, too. You can choose from several types of ventilation hoods, based on your cooking style, the features you want and the style of your kitchen.

Your cooking style

Each household has its own cooking style, and understanding that style can help you choose the right ventilation system when remodeling your kitchen. Cooking styles range from almost no cooking to daily gourmet cooking, and everything in between. Someone who almost never cooks doesn't need a vent that moves as much air away as someone who cooks every meal at home. The amount of spice used in cooking plays a role in cooking style, too. A chef who uses more pungent spices needs a stronger ventilation system than one who cooks with only salt and pepper.

Stove vent features

Early stove vents gave homeowners very few feature choices, but functional options expanded as technology advanced. Vents have come a long way over the decades, evolving to include a number of user-friendly features to choose from, including

  • extra quiet motors
  • remote controlled operation
  • electronic controls
  • easy cleaning
  • brighter lighting
  • recirculating

Consider the feature most important to you when choosing your stove vent. For example, is your kitchen kind of dark? Of so, you'll want a vent with bright lighting. Will your vent sit higher than you can reach? Then, you may want to consider a remote-controlled unit.

Types of range vents available

You'll probably notice the color and texture of range vents first when you go shopping for a new vent, but there's more to consider about the way the vent fits your home. In addition to matching the color of your range hood to your kitchen decor, you'll want to consider the number of styles that fit your taste and budget, including

  • hidden
  • wall mounted
  • under cabinet
  • island
  • chimney
  • downdraft

Will your range hood sit above your stove in the middle of the kitchen or against the wall? Would you rather have it tucked away or standing out as part of the decor?

Discuss your kitchen ventilation options with your Atlanta-area remodeling professional.

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