Replace filters to extend the life of your HVAC unit

Replace filters to extend the life of your HVAC unit and improve your health. Georgia summers get extremely...

Replace filters to extend the life of your HVAC unit and improve your health. Georgia summers get extremely hot and winters can get very cold. In Atlanta, people use HVAC systems year-round because of the humid and cold temperatures. It is necessary that you take early measures to keep your HVAC unit running well. One secret is to always have your filters replaced in a timely manner. Changing air filters regularly will help your living environment, improve airflow and make breathing easier.

Change filters regularly

Why: The key to maintaining HVAC equipment is regular maintenance. Be sure to change filters monthly or quarterly depending on how dirty the filters become. Check filters monthly even though they may not need changing each month. Replacing a filter is easy and only takes a few minutes. Anyone familiar with an HVAC system can show you how to replace a filter. You do not need a professional to come in to change a filter. For residential homes, filters are usually not very expensive. Therefore, go out and get the filter yourself. Just take out the old one, put in the new one and you're good to go.

Tip: Certain conditions in your home will add particles and dust to the air. This will cause a filter to capture more particles, which will shorten the filter's life to shorter than normal.

Document filter replacement

Why: It is important to document when you replace your filters so you will not forget. By documenting when you replace filters, you will know when to put in a new one. If the HVAC filter is not replaced regularly, it can cause equipment failure. A clean filter protects the air you breathe. When you change filters and document it regularly, the system airflow will be better. When the heating and cooling system runs better, the result is lower energy bills. If you replace your filter you will keep the interior of the equipment clean, too. Finally, replacing your filter may prevent fewer HVAC repairs because you are giving it regular maintenance.

Research cost

Why: The cost of HVAC filters in Atlanta varies and depends on many factors. The cost to replace a filter may depend on the filter's size, thickness and the type of HVAC system. What's more, the cost can increase if the filter is the disposable type or has a movable face. Residential homes and commercial buildings use filters, and the type of building will let you know how much you will spend. In addition, the price varies depending on whether the filter is washable or non-washable. The price of a filter can range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. It all depends on your HVAC system and filter requirements.

Know filter spot

Why: Sometimes finding the place where the HVAC filter should go is confusing. At times it can seem hidden or nonexistent. However, I assure you that there is a filter and you need to find it. Look to see if there is a removable panel on the front. Don't see a panel on the front? Then look to see whether the filter is on the side. There may also be a panel at the bottom. If you do not know where the filter goes, then go on the Internet and look for the manual for your particular unit. The manual should have a diagram that shows where you can find the filter.

Who to contact for help: You can contact a heating and air company in Atlanta to replace the filter, but it will cost you. They will usually charge a service fee plus the cost of the filters. Most companies have an annual maintenance agreement where they will come out twice a year in the spring and fall to service the unit. At that time, the company will put in new filters for free as part of the annual service. HVAC companies will see if there are current or future issues with your unit. At that time they will give you an estimate for future potential cost.

Be sure to do research to compare the cost of filters. It would make sense to pay money for the filters at a local retail store. When you contact a retail company, make sure they have the correct filter size in inventory. When you get the new filter, take the old one out and throw it away before you put in the new filter. Be sure to write the date on the new filter for documentation purposes.

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