Reversing sun-damaged skin

The Hot-lanta sun can feel amazing when you're out working on your tan, but it also can leave its marks...

The Hot-lanta sun can feel amazing when you're out working on your tan, but it also can leave its marks all over your face. Sun-damaged skin is the result of leaving the delicate skin on your face completely unprotected while you're frolicking in the heat. Spots, wrinkles and a rough texture can give your past relationship with the sun away to anyone who looks at you. Ready to reform your ways? Reversing sun-damaged skin is mostly dependent on the extent of damage you have.

Wear sunscreen. First thing's first: It's time to get serious about wearing sunscreen on a regular basis. In a humid, sunny, hot climate like Atlanta, it's important that you protect yourself every day, not just when you're sunning yourself on the patio. Choose a moisturizer that has sunscreen built in to streamline your morning routine. Then, when you're out in the sun, coat all exposed skin with an SPF of 30 or above and re-coat every two to three hours.

At-home treatments. If your sun damage isn't too extensive, you can start tackling the problem at home. In many cases, it's the texture of your skin that gives you away. Exfoliating on a daily basis helps to peel away dead skin and speed cell turnover to help get rid of some of the fine lines and rough texture left behind as a mark of the sun. Then, rely on an emollient moisturizer to help hydrate your parched summer skin for an improvement in both tone and texture.

Dermatological treatments. At-home treatments can help improve texture, but they're not made for reversing sun-damaged skin completely. Ask your family physician for a referral to a qualified dermatologist. A dermatologist can examine the damage and suggest procedures such as a chemical peel or laser treatments. These can help break up dark spots and wrinkles for healthier, younger-looking skin so your unhealthy relationship with the sun is just a thing of the past.

If you're looking for a specialist to help you reverse sun damage, check out Atlanta-based dermatologists on Kudzu.

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