Rodent control: Don't let mice destroy your car

When the temperatures plummet, rodents look for a warm place to hide. Your garage is pretty enticing...

When the temperatures plummet, rodents look for a warm place to hide. Your garage is pretty enticing on a cold winter evening in Atlanta. But the car engine is no place for pests. In one night, a rodent can chew through rubber hoses, soil the car interior or build a nest in the exhaust system. Need rodent control? Here's three ideas!

1. Stink them out
Rodents don't like the odor of fabric softener dryer sheets, according to classic and collector car insurers, Hagerty. Simply place the sheets in the interior of the car, under the hood and even stuff them in the tail pipe. Before driving, remove the sheets and go. Or, try using mothballs if the odor doesn't bother you.

2. Pay the price
If meddling mice have become more than a nuisance, it might be time to pay for storage or upgrade your garage. Classic cars or seasonal automobiles are safest in a climate-controlled auto storage facility with sealed garage doors and rodent control traps in place. If your everyday car is under attack, seal your garage. Use caulking to fill holes in the structure, make sure the garage door creates a tight seal against the garage floor and update any deteriorating windows.

3. Update the vehicle
Car doors and windows are the gateways to your car's interior. Mice can fit through a dime-size hole, according to Popular Mechanics magazine. So, give your vehicle a through inspection. Are the seals surrounding the sunroof, windows and vents in good shape? Do your doors close and latch completely? If moisture gets in your car after driving through a car wash, you have gaps and leaks.

Has the damage already been done? Thankfully, cars are made to be fixed. Give an auto repair shop in Atlanta a call for an estimate to assess and repair the damage.

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