Secrets of a weed killer: Keep your yard weed-free this summer

As warm weather approaches, so do the weeds in your freshly manicured yard. Here's what to do.

As warm weather approaches, so do the weeds in your freshly manicured yard. At first, you might try to pull them out, one by one. But eventually, you look up to see that you have a long way to go before all the weeds are gone. Save yourself the backache by hiring a landscaping professional in the Atlanta area to do the work for you. Landscapers can use the best weed killer on the market to clear away weeds without harming the rest of your lawn.

Types of weed killers

There are different types of herbicides that your landscaper can apply. Before you hire someone, ask them what they typically use. You might worry about spraying herbicide all over your lawn, especially if you have young children and pets that run around the yard. Your landscaping professional should be able to tell you what kind of weed killer they use and whether or not it's safe for your family.

  • Liquid herbicides: Liquid herbicide can be very strong and can effectively eliminate weeds on a small area of ground. These herbicides can really harm your skin and eyes. It is not usually recommended for families with children or animals.
  • Granular herbicides: Granular herbicide can remove weeds from larger areas and is often used on farms and crops. Due to the highly caustic nature of granular herbicides, it is not recommended for families with children and pets.
  • Organic herbicides: Organic herbicide uses essential oils and natural ingredients to kill off weeds, and is considered safe for homes with children and pets. This can be a great alternative if you are concerned about the toxicity of traditional herbicide.

Will it cost a fortune?

Many people avoid calling a landscaper because they think that it will cost them an arm and a leg. Not true! In fact, you might even notice that many of your neighbors already use one. Ask if they treat by the square footage, and how often you will need to retreat in order to keep the weeds away. If you only need to have a landscaper come out once a month using top-of-the-line weed killer, it may end up saving you more money than if you have your yard treated once a week using lower-grade products.

Not just for weeds

If you decide to hire landscaping pros, consider having them give your lawn a face-lift while you are treating the weeds. Landscapers can beautify your yard by clearing away undergrowth, laying down mulch, placing boulders and stones and planting decorative foliage and flora. Ask your Atlanta landscaper to come out and evaluate your yard.

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