Secrets to planting a garden in Georgia

Creating a beautiful garden in Georgia takes a bit of planning, but the rewards of gardening are immense....

Creating a beautiful garden in Georgia takes a bit of planning, but the rewards of gardening are immense. Use the tips below to create a colorful and lush flower garden or a bountiful vegetable one. There is no limit to what you can grow.

I remember my father used to carefully tend a little orange tree. It was in a large pot and had several oranges dangling from it. He took great pride in this tree. If you do not have much space, you can plant a small orange tree or create colorful window boxes or pots of tomatoes on your patio.

Soil preparation

Figure out a basic plan for your plant bed, whether it's for flowers or vegetables. Draw up the design and consider height and growing times.

Loosen the soil. Since most of Georgia soil is a large percentage of clay, you will need to add topsoil and nutrients to grow healthy plants. Use a tiller to loosen the packed clay, and consider adding compost or perlite.

Choose the right plants for the location

Shade plants do best with dappled light or shade, and planting them in full sun will be a problem. Some shade plants include azalea, Japanese plum, hydrangea, impatiens and many types of ferns.

Sun-loving plants do best with at least six hours of sunlight a day. Some of these are the snowball bush, lantana, hibiscus, spirea, magnolia and gardenia.

Attracting butterflies and hummingbirds can add a touch of color to the garden. If you wish to attract them, add butterfly bushes, trumpet vines, columbine, phlox and sweet william to your garden.

Plant bulbs in Georgia after chilling them for eight weeks in the refrigerator. They need this cold to produce beautiful blooms. Plant 6 inches deep with the pointed end facing up.

When to plant vegetables

To plant corn, beans and squash, look at your zones. Georgia is usually a zone 7-9. You can also look at when the apple blossoms fall or when the lilacs bloom.

Plant tomatoes and peppers after the last frost and when the daffodils and dogwoods bloom. To plant beets and carrots in your garden, look to see when the dandelions bloom.

Further tips for planting in your area

Fertilize plants once a month using a liquid type for better absorption. Plant crop rotations, considering the height of various flowers and when they bloom. Also, if you're planting a vegetable garden, consider when crops will ripen.

Remember that you may need the help and advice of a professional. Having a garden in Georgia can be a fun family activity. Discuss the various types of fruit, flowers and vegetables available. You can make the garden a wonderful addition to your yard.

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