Should you consider artificial turf for your home?

When you hear about artificial turf, you might think to yourself, "Why would anyone even...

When you hear about artificial turf, you might think to yourself, "Why would anyone even consider having fake grass unless you spend most of your time on a football field?"

Well, this plastic grass has many applications and is slowly growing in popularity in residential communities. Artificial turf can be made up of many elements such as tires, plastic pellets, chemical stabilizers and additives. The following are five benefits to consider when deciding whether artificial grass would work for you:

Solves landscaping issues

If you live in an apartment in the city where there is no access to natural grass and you want a rooftop garden, fake grass can be a great alternative design. Artificial grass can also be a viable eye-catching solution for pet areas, home putting greens, playgrounds and patios where the landscape can be otherwise boring or inhospitable to the growth of real grass.

Requires less maintenance

Synthetic grass extends convenience to homeowners or apartment dwellers who may not be interested in mowing, maintaining or watering a lawn. Sometimes, getting the look of real grass is invaluable when you don't have to constantly care for it. You don't even have to worry about filling areas or holes that have been destroyed by harsh weather conditions. Artificial grass further lends itself to easy cleaning if you have small pets. To some, nothing is more annoying than pets tracking in mud from soaked grass.

Increases durability

Synthetic turf is much more durable than regular grass, which makes it a great surface for your kids to play sports on. Because it isn't destroyed by rain, you don't have to worry about your kids running around in a muddy yard. Utilizing synthetic grass can also mean less chance of injury from playing sports in slick, muddy grass.

Saves water

If you live in areas or states that have drought concerns, conserving water is a high priority. By installing synthetic grass, you are essentially saving precious water because you don't have to water the lawn.

Provides pest-free and allergen-free spaces

If you have children that suffer from allergies, synthetic grass can supply a great pollen-free zone to play in. Eliminating natural grass can sometimes make for happier, healthier kids and can reduce your chances of pest infestations.

Artificial turf is not for everyone, and depending on the area of installation or the variety you choose, it could be a costly endeavor. Some also feel that synthetic grass should only be used in areas that do not support the growth of real grass. Just like every other product, what sets apart a successful artificial turf installation is the quality of the synthetic grass itself.

For more information on installing artificial turf around your Atlanta-area home, contact a landscaping professional.

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