Shoulder tendonitis: Symptoms and treatment to stop the pain

Shoulder pain can come on suddenly and can prevent you from lifting your arms or carrying weight. What...

Shoulder pain can come on suddenly and can prevent you from lifting your arms or carrying weight. What you might brush off as a pulled muscle might actually be something much more serious--shoulder tendonitis. On the other hand, you might think that you are having a heart attack or stroke when in fact your symptoms are just a sign of tendonitis in your shoulder. Seek help right away from your Atlanta-based doctor if you have unexplained aches and pains in your shoulder joint that do not seem to go away after a couple of days.

Shoulder tendonitis can be caused by overexerting yourself or an injury. You may feel both sharp and dull pain in your shoulder joint. Acute tendonitis in your shoulder may happen suddenly due to an accident, such as falling off a ladder, while chronic tendonitis may be the result of overusing your arm and shoulder muscles over time.

Tendonitis in the shoulder joint can cause a wide range of symptoms that can imitate other health problems, such as:

  • radiating pain in the shoulder and arm
  • limited arm mobility
  • swelling and tenderness in the shoulder and arm
  • creaking and popping sounds in the shoulder when moving the arm

For mild to moderate shoulder tendonitis, treatment may involve resting the affected arm and taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications to reduce pain and swelling. Serious tendonitis in your shoulder may require corticosteroid injections at the joint, physical therapy and surgery to repair damaged tissue. Your doctor will examine your shoulder to find out the extent of your tendonitis and will let you know which treatment methods are recommended.

If your doctor doesn't find tendonitis in your shoulder, try seeing an Atlanta chiropractor who may be able to adjust your spine and joints to help reduce inflammation and relieve pain in your shoulders.

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