Simple guide to repair a door in your Atlanta home

We are always opening and closing doors without giving it any notice--until a door refuses to open or...

We are always opening and closing doors without giving it any notice--until a door refuses to open or shut, creaks, or even just falls off its hinges. It may seem simple enough to repair a door on your own, but if it is not done properly, the door may become damaged and need a full replacement. Do not be discouraged--it is fairly simple to fix many problems on your own and if you ever feel unsure, a local Atlanta-based handyman should be more than happy to help. These tips come from personal experience by someone who lived in an older Atlanta home that needed frequent door repairs and occasional replacements.

Issues with the hinges

You may want to check the hinges on your door if it does not close properly because it sags slightly or if the door feels as though you could easily pull it off. Sometimes the screws attaching door hinges to the wall become loose. How you fix the problem may depend on why the screws are loose in the wall. Most of the time, it is from people pulling on the door too hard or the screws were not screwed in tightly enough. In this case, you may simply find a longer screw with the same diameter to fix the problem. The longer screws should bite into fresh door, reinforcing its hold on the hinges.

If the screws become loose because of damage to the wood, you may need to do a bit more work. Screws that become loose because the wood around their holes are damaged may need the holes refilled before new screws can be placed in. You can do this at home by inserting a glue-covered dowel that fits snugly in the hole. Once the glue has dried, you may screw in the hinges over the dowels. For more serious issues with the wood, you may want to call in a handyman or general contractor for help.

Squeaky doors may also indicate issues with the hinges. In this instance, it may actually be an issue with tight hinge pins or rust. You can easily fix squeaking by lubricating the hinges or replacing rusty pins.

Doors that expand or stick

Some doors are especially sensitive to the weather and humidity. They may expand under certain weather conditions, especially if it is humid outside or if it is the door to the bathroom. Many repairmen recommend sanding down doors in the areas where they stick. Make a note of where the door is sticking to the frame and sand down this area, checking your progress by occasionally opening and closing the door. Once finished, apply a few layers of varnish to the sanded area to prevent any later issues. If you notice doors that expand so much that they crack, you may want to consider replacing the doors.

Sliding door problems

Although sliding doors are big and heavy, they should never be hard for the average person to open or close. Problems with sliding doors may seem daunting, but many issues are usually fairly simple for your average Atlanta homeowner to repair. The usual underlying problem for sliding doors is a dirty track and wheels. Clean the tracks with any cleaner you like that can cut through oil-based grim. While you are cleaning, try adjusting the track wheels with a screwdriver. If you do not know how to do this, a handyman should be more than happy to help you.

In some cases, you may need to clean or even replace the track wheels, which may require you to remove the door. Depending on the door, you may want to get someone to help you remove it. In worst case scenarios, the track may be damaged and you will need to replace the entire system. If this is the case, consider also purchasing a new sliding door and frame that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean. A home remodeler can give you tips on purchasing the right door for your needs, tastes and budget.

Garage door repair

You can repair a door for your garage with a few simple steps some of the time, but in most cases, you should really seek the help of a professional. As with sliding doors, you should first try cleaning the tracks and giving them some lubrication. This may also give you a great opportunity to closely inspect the door for any loose bolts or fasteners or anything that may be misaligned. If you do find anything, you can quickly repair as you go along. You may fix any dents or other slightly damaged areas by gently tapping the area with a rubber hammer. For any other signs of major damage or indications that anything may need replacing, you should first consult a qualified repairman in your area.

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