Solar panels and smartphone apps: Two ways to save money this winter

As temperatures drop, energy bills heat up. If you're looking for a few ways to save money and keep...

As temperatures drop, energy bills heat up. If you're looking for a few ways to save money and keep your Atlanta home warm this winter, look to the sun for renewable energy and to your smartphone to help manage the flow of heat in your home.

Going green

"You can use solar panels to reduce your energy bill," explains Ralph Brooke, Operations Manager at R.S. Andrews Services, Inc. in Atlanta.

Solar power collected by the panels is converted into electricity to operate both heating and cooling devices in your home. This environmentally friendly system can trim energy bills in half, according to Lennox, which offers the SunSource solar-based system.

As a bonus, there are substantial federal tax credits available for switching to solar powered HVAC systems, according to Brooke. Georgia is also offering a limited amount of state-funded programs to go green. Together, these incentives can pay for up to one-third of the cost to install solar panels.

Be in control

No matter what type of heat you use, you can save money by specifically controlling when your home is heated. With the magic of Wi-Fi compatible HVAC systems and your smartphone, you can fine tune your energy usage.

"We have thermostats that you can access via your smartphone or through Internet access and control your systems," Brooke mentions. "That's really nice if you travel. You can warm up your house right before you get on your flight back to Atlanta. By the time you get home your house will be at an optimal comfort level and temperature."

Want to get a quote on solar panels for your home or see if your current heating system is smartphone app compatible? Give the professionals at R.S. Andrews Services, Inc. a call to set up a consultation.

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