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When you build a new home in Atlanta, you may not know that you can install in-floor heating to keep...

When you build a new home in Atlanta, you may not know that you can install in-floor heating to keep your home warm in the cool fall and winter months instead of using forced air heat. Allergy sufferers sometimes complain that forced air heating worsens the feeling of dryness in the air, often contributing to scratchy throats and stuffy noses. Since forced air heat has become so popular and common, make sure to ask a local Atlanta heating and air technician about in-floor heating as a possible alternative for your new home.

In-floor heating, otherwise referred to as radiant heating, requires installation underneath your flooring. Heated water in tubes travel under your floor, gradually heating the floor and the rooms. Heating your home with radiant floor heating creates heat that feels more evenly distributed and is more efficient. Using in-floor heating may even help to reduce your utility bill.

You can install radiant heat into an existing home that already has forced air or another type of heating system, but it may require extensive renovation in order to put it in. Consult with a Georgia-based HVAC specialist to find out if your home is a suitable candidate for in-floor radiant heating. Specialists who understand radiant heat will evaluate and inspect your home and will give you an estimate for how much they think a radiant heat install will cost.

With your radiant in-floor heating system in place, your family and friends will feel surrounded by warmth throughout the cold seasons.

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