Summer landscaping maintenance saves you big bucks!

You can perform a few easy summer landscaping maintenance tips on your yard and save yourself some big...

You can perform a few easy summer landscaping maintenance tips on your yard and save yourself some big bucks in the process. The little steps you take will prevent you from paying professionals as often.

Leave off the bagger when you mow your lawn. Your yard will look a bit unkempt for a day or two, but the clippings will actually make your lawn greener and healthier. This saves money on special treatments that a landscaper provides.

Trim any portion of your yard that borders a field, woods or wetlands frequently. Keeping the tall grasses to a minimum will help keep mosquitoes and other summer insects at bay--allowing you and your family to truly enjoy those warm Atlanta-area summer days.

Add an occasional shovelful of mulch around trees and in garden beds throughout the summer. Mulch helps retain water and even wards off some pests--and this is beneficial during hot or excessive rainy periods. It also saves money on possible plant and tree replacements following times of extreme heat or heavy rain.

Hiring an Atlanta-area based professional landscaper is a must for big yard jobs that you're simply not equipped to perform. However, utilizing these easy summer landscaping maintenance tips will save you money on the frequency of such expenses and will cut down on your pest control needs, too.

You can no doubt come up with an entire list of easy summer landscaping maintenance tips that will not only enhance the look your professional has provided, but will give you a sense of accomplishment, too. And you'll save some money at the very same time!

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