Synthetic slate roofing: Your secret to a beautiful home

When you drive around high-end areas of Atlanta, such as Sandy Springs or the Atlanta Country Club,...

When you drive around high-end areas of Atlanta, such as Sandy Springs or the Atlanta Country Club, do you like the posh look of the slate roofs you see on the expensive and elite homes? Now you can get the same look for your home without spending a fortune! Synthetic slate roofing can make your home look elegant in a much more affordable way.

Besides the price, you can find many more benefits from using synthetic slate roofing instead of real slate. Manufacturers use fiberglass and special vinyl to create synthetic slate shingles and shake, which weigh much less than actual slate. This enables you to use the faux slate roofing on buildings that might buckle under the weight of stone, such as older structures, an outbuilding or a garage. Using durable synthetic slate roofing also enables you to avoid replacing authentic slate shingles or shakes due to chipping or breakage.

When you purchase synthetic slate roofing, make sure to consult with one of the licensed roofers in Atlanta who have installed and worked with faux slate before. Putting in faux slate requires different materials and tools than real slate, so finding the right roofer will help you avoid having the synthetic slate roofing installed improperly or incorrectly. A certified or licensed roofer in Georgia will also understand specific building conditions and permits needed when putting in a faux slate roof in the South, so make sure to ask your roofer how long they have installed roofs in your area.

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