Thin lashes? Eyelash tinting may help!

Many women long for thick, luxurious lashes but don't think it's possible to have them without mascara...

Many women long for thick, luxurious lashes but don't think it's possible to have them without mascara or falsies. The truth is, most people have nice long eyelashes naturally, but the lashes are too light to see. Atlanta-based plastic surgeons can actually tint your eyelashes to make them darker, which can reduce or even eliminate the need for mascara. Once tinted, you will see your lashes as they really are: long, luscious and fabulous. Since using old mascara can cause infections like conjunctivitis, eyelash tinting may even help you have healthier eyes.

How it's done

Eyelash tinting is performed in a plastic surgeon's office or by a licensed aesthetician, and the entire procedure takes under and hour. The technician or doctor will remove your makeup using a gentle solution, and dry the lashes thoroughly. Specially formulated eyelash dye is applied to the lashes using a tool that resembles a mascara wand, and allowed to sit on the lashes for a short amount of time. The remaining dye is removed gently, and the color will last for the entire lifespan of your lashes. Many people worry about the safety of applying tint so near to the eye, but the material used is a gentle vegetable dye that does not react on your skin or mucus membranes like hair dye would.

Top tinting tips

Before you go under the eyelash tinting brush, it is important to follow a few helpful tips that can make your tinting experience fantastic. Because it takes so long for the tinting to fade, make sure that you discuss with your doctor or aesthetician ahead of time which shade of dye would be right for you. You don't want to end up with shocking black eyelashes if you have a skin tone or eye color that doesn't match. Avoid tinting your lashes with an unusual color. Although bright pink lashes may seem like a good idea at first, after a few months those bubble gum lashes may not look so hot.

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