Three air conditioning solutions to keep you cool

There's nothing like a glass of chilled sweet tea and some cool air conditioning to cut through a steamy . . .

There's nothing like a glass of chilled sweet tea and some cool air conditioning to cut through a steamy Georgia summer. But what's a homeowner to do when the central air stops working? Don't melt! You have several air conditioning solutions to cool your home fast. Here are three.

Window units

These easy-to-install air conditioner units slip into an open window and install in just minutes. You can turn the unit off and on as desired, or use a timer. Choose this option to cool one specific room or a smaller apartment. One window unit can cool between 100 to 900 square feet, depending on the unit you choose. Expect to pay between $100 and $800 for a window air conditioner.

Portable units

If you don't have standard-shaped windows, or prefer not to have the condensation from a window unit potentially leak into the window sill, go with a portable air conditioning unit. The machine, which is usually on casters, is vented through a window and can roll a few feet from the window. These units can easily be moved from room to room as needed. Like a window unit, these are designed to cool small spaces of up to 900 square feet. Portable air conditioners cost more than window units. Expect to pay roughly $500 to $800 for a 12,000 Btu unit that cools 500 square feet.

Central air units

The most popular of the three air conditioning solutions is central air. This type of system can be installed one of two ways: as an attachment to your furnace or as a separate unit using an air handler. Users control this type of cooling by setting a thermostat in the home. The central air unit then disperses cool air until the desired temperature is reached, and then the unit shuts off. This permanent system cools the entire house and doesn't use window space like the other two options. This option is usually included when purchasing a new furnace and costs several thousands of dollars depending on the size of unit.

Ready to cool down? Visit with one of the many air conditioning companies in Atlanta to decide which type of air conditioning is best for your home.

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