Tips For Buying a Portable Heater

Everybody likes to keep their home warm and cozy during the winter, but at the same time keep their...

Everybody likes to keep their home warm and cozy during the winter, but at the same time keep their energy consumption within reasonable financial limits. After all, you still have to pay your other bills and have other responsibilities as well. Considering Atlanta's weather, portable heaters fit the bill wonderfully.

Types of portable heaters

These portable heating devices are of different kinds and are classified according to the type of heating method employed by them. Convection, fan-forced ceramic, radiant, panel and infra-red are types of electric heaters. Gas powered heaters are classified according to the type of fuel they use, which includes propane, natural gas and kerosene.

However, before you buy a portable heater, take into consideration the following pointers:

  • Heating area: The heater quickly warms up your room conditionally if you are using it to heat up a small and closed room or space. However, if you want to heat up a large space that is not completely closed, your heater becomes ineffective under such circumstances. Call an HVAC professional for better options that fit your needs.
  • Portability: The biggest advantage of portable heaters is the fact that they can be moved around easily within your home. Paradoxically, the same feature of this type of heater can lead to tripping accidents and be a possible fire hazard. You need to be extra careful if you have small children or pets at home, since they may touch this hot heater or knock it over; both are severe issues to think about.
  • Costs: Portable heating devices are most suited for you if you change your residence frequently. Though the initial costs are on the lower side, in the long run portable heaters prove to be an expensive affair depending on how you use them.

Certain uses

You should certainly consider buying a portable heater if you want to heat up a small area, such as your room or garage--at night or in the evening--and you do not plan on using it for full-time heating use for years to come.

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