Tips To Update Your Kitchen and Laundry Areas

Updating your kitchen can give you one of the best returns on investment of any home...

Updating your kitchen can give you one of the best returns on investment of any home renovation project. If you're looking for a quick and easy improvement for your home, give your kitchen and laundry room a makeover with some basic changes and new appliances. October is the best time of year to buy a new washer, dryer or range because many home appliance retailers lower prices to get rid of old stock ahead of the holiday season.

Refresh the paintwork

A new, professional paint job always makes a huge difference to any room, and the kitchen and laundry are no exception. If your laundry room is small, white paint will give it a country-fresh face lift at an affordable price. For a little fun, use a single bright, bold splash of color to highlight a wall, a piece of furniture or a backsplash.

Create new work spaces

Choose new counter tops for the kitchen in a material that complements your appliances. Wooden butcher-block counter tops work with a white range and refrigerator, while granite or marble work with stainless steel. For the laundry, add a laminate folding station that gives you an extra working area and a professional look.

Add wall hooks

If either room is short on space, install wall hooks for hanging lightweight items. In the kitchen, use these for your cooking utensils and smaller pans. In the laundry, use them to hang clothes as they come out of the dryer.


Throw out old accessories such as dated drapes, utility bins and laundry baskets, and replace them with new, modern accessories that echo your colorful splash. Towels, wash-cloths and storage canisters are useful in the kitchen and laundry, and you can usually get them in bright colors.

Build shelving options

Give yourself extra storage space by building attractive wall shelves that are functional as well as good looking. Plastic-coated, wire shelving can be painted to fit your color scheme, and provides you with a place to display your canisters while keeping them within reach. Shelves are easy to mount and even easier to move, so you aren't committed to keeping them forever and can repurpose them with each home improvement project.

Upgrade your appliances

Invest in new, luxury appliances that will turn your kitchen or laundry room into a celebrity work space. Add options such as a new dishwasher, eye-level oven or microwave to match your other equipment. Take your laundry room into the 21st century by buying a matching washer and dryer with features such as storage bins at the foot.

The range of options are immense for remodeling your kitchen and laundry room, and whatever you can save by purchasing them at a lower rate you can spend on building an attractive space to work in.

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