Tips for getting eyelash extensions in Atlanta

Lash extensions are becoming a popular trend among women who want to achieve and maintain...

Lash extensions are becoming a popular trend among women who want to achieve and maintain a glamorous look without wearing fake eyelashes or several layers of mascara. If you weren't born with long, thick lashes, you might be a good candidate for eyelash extensions.

Several Atlanta plastic surgery and aesthetic businesses offer lash extension packages and services that can give you fuller lashes that last for a few weeks. These can be an attractive option for brides-to-be that want to look a little more glamorous for their wedding day, or for anyone who just wants longer, natural-looking lashes.

Understand how lash extensions work

Lash extensions are a cosmetic service and typically involve bonding artificial lashes to existing lashes to create a fuller set. Semi-permanent lash extensions are the more popular--and affordable--option for those who want to enhance their lashes without surgery. However, for those who want something permanent, surgery may be an option instead. Some plastic surgeons and aesthetic surgery centers offer eyelash transplants, which is a type of surgery where real eyelashes are transplanted into the eyelids.

Set up multiple consultations

Plan to meet with at least three lash extension providers at day spas, plastic surgery centers and aesthetic centers around Atlanta to find a professional that can provide a package that meets your needs and budget. You might be able to get an introductory offer or special rate for your first set, but you also need to factor in the cost of maintenance sessions. Talk to at least three different providers to determine the total cost of treatment.

Learn about maintenance and touch-up treatments

Eyelash extensions typically last a few weeks and there is a chance that some lashes can fall out between maintenance sessions. Atlanta's high heat and humidity, your lifestyle and other factors might make your artificial lashes fall out faster. Ask about some ways to extend the life of your lashes so you can get more out of your investment.

Review pricing options

Many plastic surgery and aesthetic service providers accept third-party financing plans or have an in-house payment plan available for patients. If you are reluctant to spend a few hundred dollars upfront for a lash extensions package, find out the professionals offer any flexible payment plans. You may need more than the average number of sessions over the course of a few months if you have oily skin, wear makeup every day, or if you go swimming regularly.

Eyelash extensions can enhance your existing lashes and help you achieve a more glamorous look without makeup. Talk to a few Atlanta plastic surgeons and aesthetic services providers to find out if lash extensions are right for you.

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