Tips for hiring a window cleaning professional

Window cleaning done well can transform the exterior of your house and really brighten up...

Window cleaning done well can transform the exterior of your house and really brighten up the view from the inside, but what should you look for when hiring a professional window cleaner? Here are five key tips.

Seek out referrals

It's likely that many of your friends and acquaintances have used a window cleaning service, and the very best way to discover a reputable professional is asking people for a recommendation. If they recently engaged a cleaner and were satisfied with the service, obtaining the contact details for that professional is your best starting point. Online review sites are also very useful for this.

Get a quote

It seems obvious, but if you don't want any surprises on your invoice, always get a quote for the cost in advance. Be clear on what exactly you expect for the price: Do you want the glass in your windows and doors cleaned, or just the windows? Do you have shutters or screens, and would you like these cleaned on the job as well? What about the sills? Count the number of windows and be clear about what you want so the result meets your expectations.

Verify their insurance

Nobody wants an accident, but it should be prepared for. Insurance is therefore essential if there are ladders or ropes used for hard-to-reach places on higher levels. Verify that the professional you choose to hire exercises safety, but is adequately insured if something happens on the job.

Explore their memberships

A bonus when hiring a contractor is discovering that he or she is a member of a relevant professional association. This is particularly important when hiring for a commercial job on large buildings. If you're selling a house, professional membership ensures they'll pay particular attention to detail on a domestic job. Knowing that your window cleaning professional is a member of a well-regarded association, such as the Master Window Cleaners of America or the International Window Cleaning Association, offers peace of mind.

Strike a deal

Planning to use the services of a window cleaner regularly? Ask them if they're prepared to strike a deal with you, giving you better value and guaranteeing them more business. If it is for a commercial project, speak to colleagues in adjoining buildings and see if they're interested in sharing an investment in the same service. If it's a domestic job, talk to your neighbors and see if they're looking for some work done.

Close on an Atlanta exterior specialist today, and follow these five tips to get sparkling service.

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