Tips for maintaining your chicken coop

Like a growing number of people, you may have a chicken coop. A trendy, healthy and relatively inexpensive...

Like a growing number of people, you may have a chicken coop. A trendy, healthy and relatively inexpensive alternative to industrialized food production, having your chicken coop is nonetheless a major responsibility. Considering that you've already decided on a design type, the breed of chickens you want to raise, etc., you may now be wondering just how to maintain your coop for as long as possible. Below are some easy-to-follow tips to help you do just that.

Clean Your Coop Regularly

Opinions vary on just how often you should clean your coop and it is a decision that is largely up to you. However, depending on the number of chickens that you're raising, once or twice a month should be adequate. When cleaning, you'll want to add or remove bedding/nesting materials. Never use cedar chips as bedding material. These are toxic to most chickens.

Once you've cleaned out the excrement, don't throw it away. Chicken poop is high in nitrogen and phosphates, making it an ideal compost material for gardeners.

Check Fencing/Perimeter

This is something you'll want to do daily. Make sure your chickens have adequate room to move, while maintaining a secure perimeter. Zoning laws vary from city to city, so be sure you're in compliance with regulations dictating distance from neighboring properties.

Clean Feeders/Waterers

Like replacing the nesting materials, this isn't something that needs to be done too often; and thoroughness is optional as well. Some people like to use bleach and water or other strong chemical cleaners, however, regular dish soap and warm water is fine.

If you haven't decided on a design or even if you have and aren't quite sure how to implement your plans, there are a number of home remodeling contractors in the Atlanta area may be able to assist you with your project.

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