Tips to create a home office

When converting a room into a home office, there are definitely things you don't want to miss. Success...

When converting a room into a home office, there are definitely things you don't want to miss. Success or failure can depend on how well you plan out your surroundings, and what you'll need as you create a home office.

Your must haves

You'll need to remember the things that are necessary for a proper home office setup: office supplies, desk, comfortable chair, dedicated phone, fax, printer, etc. You should also make sure that you have file cabinets.

Helpful tips

Working at home can be more difficult than working in an office, mainly because friends, neighbors and even some family members won't see you as "working." Have a door to your office with posted hours--treat it as a job, and you can get more done in less time.

Don't negate space issues

Don't start thinking you can "make do" with a tight or cramped space. Have a window and plenty of shelves, and even a closet that you can turn into a storage facility. You'll want plenty of room to handle files, supplies and works in progress. If your business is a creative venture, this includes materials you may need to make your product.

Let there be light

Have good lighting all around you; this helps cut down on eye strain, and it allows you to be able to work longer. Windows are the best, but track lighting and desk lighting will also work. Create a home office that is bright and cheerful.

Keep it divided

Don't start using personal items for your business and your business items for your personal use. Keep them separate and keep receipts. You can write off your business items come tax time, but you are going to have to show that they were for the business. Depreciation should come at normal times, not twice as fast because you're using the item for both your home and your home office.

Atlanta remodelers know what rooms work best as offices and how to set them up so that you are bound for success.

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