Toilet repair: Fix a running toilet in 5 steps

One of the biggest water wasters in your Atlanta home is a running toilet. If the ongoing sound of gurgling...

One of the biggest water-wasters is a running toilet. If the ongoing sound of gurgling water doesn't annoy you, the increase in the water bill will. It's time for a basic toilet repair. Roll up your sleeves and remove the toilet lid, and we will walk you through it... 

Step 1:
Check the toilet flapper to make sure it's sealing properly. That's the round, rubber piece at the base of the toilet tank. Push down on it using your fingertips. It's OK. The water in the toilet tank is clean. If the running water sound stops when you press down on the flapper, you've found your problem. If not, you should probably contact a local plumber.

Step 2:
Go to the hardware store for a new flapper kit. Once you're back home, turn off the water supply at the base of the toilet bowl. Now flush the toilet to remove all standing water in the unit.

Step 3:
Remove the slender chain from the flush lever arm in the toilet tank. Unhook the flapper from the base of the vertical overflow pipe. The flapper usually connects in two areas with small bolts or simple hooks. Lift the old flapper out of the toilet tank and toss it in the garbage.

Step 4:
Install the new piece by seating it over the water return hole in the toilet tank. Attach it to the vertical overflow pipe. Now, reconnect the chain to the flush lever arm. There should be just enough slack in the line so when you press the flush lever, the flapper opens.

Step 5:
Turn the water back on at the base of the toilet and let the toilet tank fill. Do a few practice flushes. Make sure the chain length is long enough to allow for an adequate fill of the toilet bowl and most importantly, make sure the water isn't running between flushes.

If this toilet repair is a little too much to tackle on your own, call a plumber in Atlanta to give you a hand.

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