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In this economy, you don't want to be sinking all your funds in areas of your home renovations where...

In this economy, you don't want to be sinking all your funds in areas of your home renovations where the value can't be recouped. Cost-effective remodeling has to come into play, whether you're looking to redo or redesign some areas of the home for yourself or if you're looking to update a tired style in hopes of selling your home quicker. But just where are the best areas to renovate to get that return on your investment? Here are seven of the best renovations you can do to your home and see a return on that investment.

Exterior siding replacement

If you have older siding, replacing with fiber cement siding can give you a nice 78 percent return on your investment on the average, according to MSN Real Estate. While expensive, it will not only heighten the curb appeal to the home, but it will be one of the most cost-effective remodeling and renovation projects available to you.

HVAC replacement

While many times the home's heating and cooling unit are not thought about unless they go out during a particularly hot summer, replacing an old and outdated HVAC system can be high on the list of projects to take care of when renovating. With new rebates and tax breaks today, HVAC units can be upgraded to save both money and energy. Home buyers are also on the lookout for houses on the market that have new efficient HVAC systems.

Plumbing repair or replacements

Depending on the age of your home, your pipes could be rusty iron that are starting to leak back into the water supply. By repairing or replacing this outdated plumbing into new PEX piping, you are increasing the value of your home, according to New plumbing is always a great selling feature and the PEX pipes can be run through walls like an electrical cord so it is much easier to do than the days of ripping out all the sheetrock.

Real wood flooring or engineered flooring

While laminate flooring is never a way to add value, real wood or engineered wood is a surefire way to bring buyers to your home. Always look to salvage yards or liquidation stores in order to get the best prices on real wood flooring. Buyers today want the lasting value and beauty of real wood and are shopping around until they find it. Engineered flooring gives a great value and a great style and is becoming more and more popular with homeowners.

Renovating an attic into a bedroom

With just a few tricks, turning an attic into a bedroom is a wonderful investment. MSN Real Estate reports a 72.5 percent return on your investment for this idea. You are able to add to the suggested amount of people living in the home while extending the living space. If an attic remodel is out of your price range or you don't have an attic, turning a basement into a bedroom remodel is the next most cost efficient.

Minor remodel of a kitchen

Replacing the countertops, the appliances, sink, faucets and hardware is a nice way to get a totally new look to your kitchen. That leaves the cabinets and floors undone but gives the rest a new design. It will cost you less and give you approximately a 72.1 percent return on the investment, according to MSN Real Estate. This could be a nice way to get a new look without having to redo floors or have a structural overhaul of a room.

Bathroom redesign

While this isn't a total redo of the bathroom, it is a nice freshening-up to one of the most used rooms in the house. Put in new grout on the shower, add some crown molding to the tops of some freshly painted walls and put in new fixtures. Make sure there is great lighting in there, since no one wants to have to strain to see in a bathroom. Spruce up the shower curtain and the bath mat, and then pop in some trendy styles. Now your bathroom is set to help your home be updated and better able to sell.

If you are wondering about home renovations, styles that are popular today or the cost-effectiveness of many remodeling jobs, your Atlanta-area remodeler can answer all your questions. Information is always available so that you have precisely the look that you are after, whether you are just wanting to update and beautify your home or if you are trying to maximize its selling potential in today's troubling market.

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