Treehouse design essentials for Atlanta homeowners

Kids are sure to enjoy the warmer months in Atlanta when they can play in a treehouse in the backyard....

Kids are sure to enjoy the warmer months in Atlanta when they can play in a treehouse in the backyard. You can design and build a treehouse with the help of a handyman or landscaping professional this spring, and look forward to making some new memories within a few short weeks. This type of construction project requires some basic building materials and tools, a good set of blueprints, and creativity to design something truly unique.

Here are some tips for designing a treehouse for your backyard:

Check local ordinances

Check in with local building department officials to find out if you need a permit or any type of authorization to build a treehouse on your property. Some neighborhoods may have strict rules about what can and can't be built in a backyard.

Choose an architectural style

Just like building a full-size house, you can choose from a range of architectural styles to suit your personal tastes and interests. For example, you could build a rustic cabin-style house, a Victorian-style design, or something that's more modern and cartoon-like in structure and design. Consider what the platform will be for this house and how large of a play area you want it to have.

Select the right tree

A professional landscaper can help you select the right tree and tree branch for the house to rest upon. You'll need to pick a sturdy tree that can not only hold the weight of the entire treehouse, but anyone who might be inside it, as well. Take the time to consider different options and safety concerns with different types of trees and heights of the branches.

Hire a professional builder

Unless you plan to make this a DIY project, hire a professional builder to create the house to your specifications. You may also need to hire a professional tree service provider to cut down nearby trees or branches to make room for the construction project. You can rely on a professional to create something that will be safe and sturdy for years to come.

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