Trendy ways to recycle while remodeling and redecorating

By choosing to recycle when you remodel and redecorate your home, you can save money and the environment....

By choosing to recycle when you remodel and redecorate your home, you can save money and the environment. Traditionally, remodeling and redecorating may seem like major undertakings that require large investments of time and money in addition to many trips to the dumpster and local trash collection site. However, savvy consumers are learning that stylish design can be inexpensive and eco-friendly.

Use recycled sinks

Recycled sinks are a growing design trend. The following are a few options to consider:

  • Glass sinks, which are recycled from glass bottles, car windows and windshields
  • Copper sinks hammered into the desired shape from melted copper
  • Original porcelain kitchen sinks purchased from an architectural salvage shop and then refinished
  • Any bowl-shaped container that can have a hole drilled at the bottom for a drain connection--this is a feat for the truly creative who want to take recycling to the next level

Restore cabinets/countertops

Instead of buying new kitchen cabinets, there are several less expensive and more environmentally-friendly options.

  • Salvage your cabinets by having them refaced at a fraction of the cost of replacement
  • Paint the cabinets another color
  • Use do-it-yourself coating products that allow you to keep your existing damaged or worn-out countertops by updating them with a natural stone look that mimics granite
  • Reuse champagne bottle corks for drawer knobs (it's a unique look that's sure to be a conversation starter)

Reuse doors/railing

Do you have an old door that you no longer need? Or perhaps extra wrought iron gates or fences? Try these solutions:

  • Recycle an old door as a headboard by cutting it to the appropriate size, add chair molding to the top and then paint the door
  • Make a table by painting an old door and then covering it with glass
  • Consider using wrought iron gates or fences as wall art, headboards and even room dividers

An Atlanta-area remodeler can help you uncover more ways to remodel and redesign while recycling and reusing your existing items.

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