Unbelievable Ceiling Design Ideas

As you design and decorate your home, you may think about the walls and flooring, but have you ever considered refinishing your ceilings? You may not even realize that ceilings can have designs, especially if you are used to seeing spackled circles or flat drywall on your ceiling. Ceiling designs can really make a room pop. But first, you need to know about all of the available custom ceiling options.

Custom Ceiling Design Options

When you create a custom ceiling, think about the style of your home and what look you are trying to go for. Some of the ceiling designs available include

Tin: Customized tin sheets are arranged and attached to your ceiling to give your home a rustic look. The tin ceiling can be hammered and dimpled to create different patterns and textures on the tin. This type of remodel requires minimal time and expense.

Crown molding: Crown molding runs along the corners of the wall and can make your ceilings look more finished and elegant. Remodeling pros can install crown molding with minimal time and expense, which means that you can really make your rooms over quickly with this type of simple ceiling remodel.

Faux finish: With a little paint and a lot of creativity, you can have a remodeling professional transform your ceilings to look like stone, metal, rustic plaster or even the sky. Price and time can vary for a quality faux-finished ceiling, and can depend on how intricate and complex the finish is that you choose.

Coffered ceiling: Remodelers create a coffered ceiling by installing double-edged molding in a checkerboard pattern across your ceiling to give it a recessed appearance. The use of molding minimizes the expense, but allows your ceiling to look really upscale and fancy.

Trey ceiling: This type of ceiling looks recessed in the center, with the recessed portion surrounded by molding. The center portion of the ceiling must be lifted to create the trey. While having a trey ceiling installed is more costly, it can make your rooms much more dynamic.

Vaulted ceiling: A vaulted ceiling transforms a flat ceiling into one that looks lofty and ethereal. It requires much more extensive work, time and expense because your Atlanta remodeling professionals must essentially remove the existing ceiling to create a higher vault, but the finished results can be bright and breathtaking.

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