Urinary tract infection 411: Easing the pain

The burning and persistent discomfort of a urinary tract infection (UTI) can range from annoying to...

The burning and persistent discomfort of a urinary tract infection (UTI) can range from annoying to downright unbearable. Thankfully, this common health problem can be cured quickly. Once you recognize the symptoms, you can act quickly to eliminate this pesky infection.

What is a UTI?

Infections of the urinary system can affect the bladder, urethra, kidneys and ureters, according to the Mayo Clinic. You'll know something is wrong when you have frequent, sudden urges to urinate, but barely any urine comes out. You may feel constant pain or pain only when you urinate. Urine is often cloudy, tinted pink from blood and has a stronger odor than usual when you have a UTI. This type of infection can affect men and children, but most often affects women.

UTIs occurs when bacteria enters the bladder. Avoid this medical nuisance by drinking plenty of water to dilute urine and flush bacteria out the system frequently, wipe from front to back when using the restroom and avoid using feminine hygiene products with added fragrance that can irritate the urethra.

Goodbye pelvic pain

To diagnose a UTI, the physician will test a sample of urine during your appointment. This is a simple task you do privately in the restroom while urinating. Basic infections can be cured in a matter of days by taking prescription antibiotics, while severe infections involving the kidneys may require hospitalization, according to the University of California (UCLA) at Los Angeles Health System.

Ready to take action? Visit a general physician in the Atlanta-area to cure your urinary tract infection quickly.

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