Use a virtual room designer to help you save time and money

Decorating a room can feel overwhelming, especially when you are confronted with a rack of paint samples...

Decorating a room can feel overwhelming, especially when you are confronted with a rack of paint samples in hundreds of different shades at the home improvement store. It seems pretty risky to just pick one out, hoping that you have chosen just the right shade of paint to suit your home and decor.

However, when you use a virtual room designer, you can see what the different paint colors might look like in your home before you buy them. You can pick out different shades of paint and find matching and complementary colors using a color wheel. Once you feel happy about your color selections, you can apply the color to different virtual rooms to see how the color will look once it covers a large area. Some room designers also allow you to upload pictures of your own rooms so that you can really see if the paint colors work well in your space.

There are many options for using a virtual room designer. For example, you can use a room designer on a website, like the one found on the Benjamin Moore website, you can purchase your own design software that you can use on your computer or you can use a room designer right inside of a home improvement store, such as the Lowe's Virtual Room Designer. Talk to your Atlanta-area painting professional to find out which virtual room designer might be right or your needs.

Your Atlanta paint pro can also help you if you still feel unsure about which paint colors will work best in your home. Although a virtual room designer can help give you an idea about what colors might look good in your home, a professional painter can offer you a wealth of trained knowledge about combining paint colors and adding on additional trim options. Atlanta paint pros also understand how to match the perfect paint color to a room if part of your wall becomes damaged or weathered, and will help you create a dynamic space for your family to live in.

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