Use ceramic tiles to brighten and beautify your Atlanta home

Older countertops in your bathroom or kitchen can make your entire house look outdated and shabby. Although...

Older countertops in your bathroom or kitchen can make your entire house look outdated and shabby. Although you can replace your current counters with a less expensive laminated particle board, consider installing new ceramic tiles instead. You can purchase these tiles in a wide variety of colors, patterns and styles to match your home, or to add a touch of flair into a home that appears too drab or boring to your family or guests.

Although ceramic tiles may seem too delicate or fragile to use for kitchen counters, this kind of material actually offers you a strong, break-resistant surface on which you can cook as well as serve your meals. Ceramic tiling for your bathroom counters gives your vanity area a clean, fresh look that is both easy to clean and decorate. Clean ceramic countertops with regular, all-purpose cleaners and scrubs, or use a stronger cleaner such as bleach for heavy-duty cleaning. These counters resist staining, unlike more absorbent laminate particle board.

You can pick out ceramic tiles to match your home from any local home improvement store, or you may contact an Atlanta-based interior designer to help make the right selection for you. Once you feel ready to take the plunge and replace your old countertops with ceramic tiles, you can hire a professional remodeler to install your new ceramic tiling. A local remodeler can arrange and set the tiles in the right placement and pattern, measuring and cutting tiles to fit into tight areas or around curves and corners.

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