The Best Halloween Lighting for 2015

Halloween has morphed from a Celtic ritual dating back thousands of years to a festive holiday involving...

Halloween has morphed from a Celtic ritual dating back thousands of years to a festive holiday involving costumes, children trick or treating for candy, pumpkin carving and parties. Using lighting this Halloween is a simple way to give visitors a cool surprise. 

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Halloween gives decorators the opportunity to use a variety of holiday lighting color combinations and arrangements. The most common lights used for this purpose are strobe lights, black lights and flood lights. Strobe lights work well with special effect props like fog machines. Black lights provide an eerie glow that gives guests the impression they are glowing. Flood lights are outdoor lights that contribute to the atmosphere of the party and serve a practical purpose.


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Strobe lights provide flashes of light at a set time interval. Professional haunted houses often use them to disorient. You can create the same environment on a smaller scale by using strobe lights and a fog or misting machine. A strobe light placed on your roof and aimed towards large tree branches can create the illusion that the trees are moving. 

Black lights are ultraviolet lights that give certain colors a fluorescent glow when used in a dark room. Black lights require no modifications to your home and can simply temporarily replace your current light bulbs. Using black lights with fluorescent paint enhances the decor of the party by giving props an unnatural glow. Some costumes also glow in the dark so your guests will enjoy the lights as well.

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Flood lights illuminate a wide area such as your front yard or driveway; this increased visibility improves the safety and security of your home. For Halloween, colored flood lights set the mood for your party. Green lights give your home a sci-fi or Frankenstein feel. Blue lights used with a fog machine work great if you've decided to give your yard a graveyard theme. If you're turning your home into a vampire's castle, witch's lair or devil's playground, you should consider flood lights.



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