Using roofing estimates to choose a contractor

A smart homeowner always gets at least three bids or estimates from contractors when having work done . . .

A smart homeowner always gets at least three bids or estimates from contractors when having work done on his home. If you're looking to have a leaky roof repaired before the Georgia rainy season, you'll definitely want to get more than just one estimate. By having the project bid several times, you make sure you snag the best price from the best professional. But how do you read the roofing estimates that you get? Those slips of paper act as clues as to how well a contractor will work for you.

Check out the included materials and services. If you're the type of homeowner who simply wants the job done, you need a roofing contractor who includes everything in a bid: materials, labor and possible extras. However, if you plan on doing some of the work yourself or you already own some of the materials, you might not need a full-service roofer. Know what you need beforehand and have contractors bid only the things you can't do yourself.

Call the referrals. Nothing says more about a roofer than the satisfaction of his past customers. If a contractor won't give up references easily, it's a red flag that something's not right. A good contractor places referrals directly on the roofing estimates, but you may have to ask as well.

Know the bottom line. In the end, you know you've snagged a great roofer when quality matches with price. The dollar sign at the bottom of an estimate shouldn't be your only deciding factor, but when combined with happy customers and a well-drawn bid, you can easily snag a winner.

If you're looking for a roofing contractor, check out Atlanta-based roofers who have already been rated by homeowners to ease the process.

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