Warning signs you may need pipe repair

From freezing temperatures to moisture-saturated humidity, the weather in Atlanta can wreak havoc on...

From freezing temperatures to moisture-saturated humidity, the weather in Atlanta can wreak havoc on your home's pipes. You may be in need of pipe repair and should consider consulting a professional if you are experiencing any or all of these warning signs of pipe damage.

Are your water bills unusually high?
If your water bill has suddenly skyrocketed and you haven't been washing your dishes 24 hours a day, then you may want to consider calling a professional. A sudden unexplainable jump in your bill could be a sign that you have an unseen leak in your pipes.

Do you have noticeable changes in your water?
If it's suddenly taking a lot longer to wash the shampoo out of your hair thanks to low water pressure, you may be in need of pipe repair. Sudden changes in pressure could be an indication of a leak. In addition to low water pressure, other changes to watch out for are rusty or discolored water and slow drips even when your faucets are closed.

Are you seeing spots?
No, it's not your eyes playing tricks on you. If you are seeing spots, mold or any other strange growths on your ceilings or walls, it may be due to water damage from leaking pipes. A professional can assess spots and determine if a leak is to blame.

Do you have hot patches?
Are your feet feeling the heat from the floor? If so, your toes could be telling you there's a pipe problem. Hot patches on your floorboards, which can be especially noticeable with hardwood floors, could be a sign of a leak. Another patch to watch out for is a green patch in your backyard. If the heat has left all of your grass brown except a tiny green patch, it may be a sign of a leak in your underground pipes.

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