Water heater checklist: Don't burn holiday guests!

If you're hosting a holiday gathering, there's more to add to the to do list than thawing the turkey...

If you're hosting a holiday gathering, there's more to add to the to do list than thawing the turkey and wrapping gifts. Make sure overnight guests have plenty of hot - but, not too hot - water during their visit.

1. Temperature control

Take a minute to see where your water heater thermostat is set. If your showers always seem a little too hot, it might be time to dial back this temperature regulator. This is crucial if any of your guests have infants or young children. After all, the thermostat is in place to reduce the chances of scalding.

2. Look for water leaks

With an increase in water usage over the holidays, you want your heater to be in tip top condition. From cooking to bathing, make sure your water heater is filling to capacity. Look around the base for any signs of leaking, such as rust holes or pooling water on the floor.

3. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Electrical appliances that burn gas produce carbon monoxide as a waste product. The colorless, odorless gas can cause holiday guests to feel flu-like and dizzy. To prevent any potential carbon monoxide poisoning, place a carbon monoxide tester near the water heater. If you already have one in place, check the battery and press the test button to make sure it is working properly.

Running low on time? Call a plumber in Atlanta to give your water heater an annual tune-up before holiday guests arrive. The pros can help you adjust the water temperature setting and inspect for leaks of any kind. Plus, cleaning the burner assembly and checking the intake filters and flue draft can improve the heater's efficiently and save you big bucks on your holiday water bill.

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