Weathervanes: How to choose and install a weathervane

Weathervanes are a bit of a lost art in the U.S., but in the South, lost arts are often found. Choosing...

Weathervanes are a bit of a lost art in the U.S., but in the South, lost arts are often found. Choosing and installing a weathervane on your roof can be more about personal choice than anything, but since it can actually be a tool to predict the weather, researching your choice is key.

Choosing a weathervane

The style and type of weathervane that you choose is primarily an issue of personal preference. Most are copper and pre-oxidized, giving them a green-colored appearance. If you purchase a vane that isn't pre-oxidized, you'll want to polish it occasionally. Most weathervanes cost between $50 and $250 and need to be installed in such a manner that the parts are free-moving on your roof.

A weathervane has two simple brackets and adjustable feet so it can adjust to your roof. Weather-resistant heavy-duty lag bolts are used to attach the brackets to a roof.

Installation precautions

As with any rooftop work, you'll want to be cautious when installing a weathervane. If you don't feel convertible installing the vane yourself, contact an Atlanta roofing professional.

If you want to install it yourself, use a stable ladder than can support your weight and the weight of your vane and tools. You'll want to make sure you have everything with you when you ascend the ladder, so you only have to make the trip once.

Once you get atop your roof, carefully attach the vane, ensuring its parts can move freely. Use weather-resistant bolts so you won't see any corrosion. You'll also want to make sure the vane can catch wind easily and is easily visible.

In order to not damage your roof with the installation, you'll want to properly install the vane either via a copper rod through the headblock or ridgepole of your roof, or if you have a cupola, via a brace inside the cupola. You'll want to weatherproof the area around your copper rod or any holes that you cut in your roof during the installation. After installation, your weathervane won't need much maintenance, and you can simply enjoy your artistic weather predictor.

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