Wedding dresses: The latest trends and how to wear them

Thewedding dress is easily a bride's most important purchase. Whether choosing from off...

Thewedding dress is easily a bride's most important purchase. Whether choosing from off the rack or commissioning a custom dress, every woman needs a little assistance in deciding whichgown is best for the big day. Use the guidelines below to help you navigate the current wedding dress trends.


Boho style is still a raging trend in the world of bridal gowns. This style is marked by its unique use of lace, chiffon and flowers. If you are the free-spirited type, boho may be for you. Think sandy beaches, open fields and warm weather when choosing a bohemian wedding dress. Eclectic accessories, flowing hair and light makeup best complement the boho trend.

Hollywood glamour

This style will add a touch of glamour and class to any wedding. Heavy silk dresses with defined silhouettes, belts and trains are the staples of this trend. Choose a dress in this style for formal weddings in a church or similar setting. The pomp and circumstance of your dress will set the tone for your affair. Never underestimate the importance of your dress: It is the way your guests and husband will remember you on this special day.

Illusion neckline

The most nontraditional trend right now is the illusion neckline, which islace or chiffon set over a strapless silhouette. This subtle yet beautiful style looks good on all body types and complements most themes. It is also great for any season, as it can be worn either strapless or long-sleeved. Perfect for day or night, choose this versatile style for any wedding.

Classic romance

Romantic gowns will always be popular for weddings. These wedding dresses are usually simple satin or lace with embellishments like buttons and crystals. The beauty of this style of dress is best enjoyed in formal indoor ceremonies. Many of these dresses are worn with a strapless neckline, so use a shawl or veil during colder seasons or for church ceremonies.

Blush-colored gowns

Colored gowns may not be traditional, but they are definitely trendy right now. The most popular version is a soft pink blush color. This color trend is now seen in all dress styles, from formal to casual. It generally should not be worn in church weddings and looks best in outdoor ceremonies. Blush gowns work great for all seasons.

Be sure to always consider weather and seasons when looking at wedding dresses. No matter the trend, wearing an appropriate gown will help guests focus on your beauty and make you feel extra special on your day.

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