What can a local GP do for me?

A local GP, or general practitioner, is a physician who treats a variety of conditions and diseases....

A local GP, or general practitioner, is a physician who treats a variety of conditions and diseases. Whether your child has an earache or you notice an itchy rash on your arm, a GP can help. Wonder what else a general practitioner can do for you?

Everyday illnesses

Call your general practitioner to help soothe the symptoms of the common cold, flu, earache or stomachache. He can recommend over-the-counter medicines or prescribe stronger medications to make you comfortable while your body recuperates from temporary, short-term illnesses.

Routine checkups

When it's time for an annual cholesterol screening or a sports physical for your child, a general practitioner is ready to help. It's a good idea to visit with this type of doctor at least once a year to discuss any changes in your general health, weight, mood or physical abilities. Your local GP is educated in several areas of medicine, making him a go-to for any minor concerns.

Referrals to specialists

If your general practitioner suspects an ongoing medical issue or chronic illness, he can refer you to a specialist. This type of doctor focuses on one specific area of medicine, unlike a GP. For example, if your general practitioner notices an irregularity in your heartbeat, he may refer you to a cardiologist, also known as a heart doctor.

So, are you ready to find a local GP to consult for your everyday medical issues? Give an Atlanta-area family practice or clinic a call to schedule a consultation with a general practice physician.

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