What is causing my hair loss?

Losing a few hairs is normal. But, if your bathtub drain gets clogged after a shower, it's time to look...

Losing a few hairs is normal. But, if your bathtub drain gets clogged after a shower, it's time to look into the cause of your hair loss. Everything from diet and hairstyle, to illness and age, can make hair thin.

Hairstyle tips

It's easy to get into the habit of hoisting long hair into a ponytail or bun during humid summer days in the South. But, if you're doing this daily--and using tight hair elastics to create the hairstyles--you may be pulling the hairs from the roots, leaving you with thinning hair. Instead, use soft hair ties and try new loose styles that don't put as much strain on your scalp.

You are what you eat

Diet affects all body systems, including hair growth and scalp nourishment. A diet low in vitamins and minerals can leave your scalp dry and hair brittle. This is a precursor to hair loss. To flaunt shiny, healthy hair, load your plate with fresh vegetables and whole grains at each meal. Processed and fried foods won't improve your hair or complexion.

Medical conditions and treatments

The byproduct of some illnesses is hair loss. People suffering from thyroid disease or anemia may experience hair loss, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Thinning hair is also common after a bout with an extended illness or hospitalization. People undergoing treatment for cancer commonly experience thinning hair and eventual loss.

Thinning hair is also a common sign of aging. If you notice more than a few hairs falling out daily, it's time to seek a professional evaluation from an Atlanta-area dermatologist. These specialized doctors treat hair, skin and nail disorders.

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